Happy Easter!


This year, I decided it would be fun to dye some Easter eggs and photograph them. There are two main routes to go when doing Easter eggs — hard boiled eggs and empty eggs. I decided to do empty eggs, since I’d never tried that before, and it sounded fun. Key word here is sounded. Blowing the insides of an egg out through a tiny hole is really only fun for the first couple minutes of the first egg. I wanted to do a bunch of eggs, and the task quickly became rather tedious (it might have gone faster if I’d been willing to make bigger holes). Anyway, next time around I’ll probably go the hard boiled route, but now I’m familiar with the process for emptying out the eggs, should the need ever arise again.

Difficulties in getting the insides out of the eggs aside, I was had a lot of fun decorating them:

Happy Easter!

I bought one of those $2 egg dying kits that show up in the grocery store around this time of year (food coloring works just as well, if you happen to have that on hand). I then applied a variety of decorating techniques I’d seen described at various places on the internet. More egg pictures and a little description of what I did to make some of the eggs is up on my flickr page.


  1. The birth of the peep!

  2. Yay! I love your pictures. They always make me hungry, and the picture of the peep is particularly swoony.

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