It Begins…

Someone told me that April 1st was a bad day to start a novel, so I started today instead. I wrote one word :) My goal is to write one chapter a week, for however many chapters it takes for the book to be finished.

I’ve located a progress bar:

1 / 100000

Sadly, my one word is insufficient to show up on the progress meter.

Several other members of Codex are also writing novels at the moment, and as further motivation, I will be trying to earn badges, like the one shown below (unlike this sample, most of the badges are for completion of actual work) — the full list of badges is up on my website.

As I earn badges, I’ll post them here. If you’re writing something, and would like to use the badges to decorate your blog, go right ahead.


  1. SF writer Samuel Delany was born on April 1st and he did pretty well for himself.

    They say that a journey of a 1000 miles starts with one step and all that proverbial stuff, but a novel really does begin with the first word. Good luck! I have ultimate faith in you. *G*

    Oh, what is the first word? Unless you don’t want to talk about your WIP. ;)

    • Thanks. As a general rule I’m not into discussing the details of a WIP, but the first word was the name of the protagonist. (Not too exciting, I know, but it was either that or ‘The.’)

      • “The” was my first guess. At least it wasn’t “Once,” as in Once upon a time. ;)

        Yeah, I’m usually not into discussing my Wips either. Though once I did put up the opening line on my LJ and talked about it for a week’s worth of posts to force myself to write the story. That time it worked and I finished the thing in a week or so. But usually I’m pretty mum.

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