Fun with Gummy Bears


tacithydra and I staged a gummy bear war. It was awesome. Go look at the pictures on flickr.


  1. I was going to go comment on one of your serious writing posts, but the gummy bears and peeps snared all my attention. I am particularly struck by the careful surgery required to make the gummy snake appear to have swallowed the unfortunate bear.

  2. haha. Yeah, ditto on the snake swallowing the bear. I love the red gummy blood too. Awesome.

  3. These are SO fantastic! I love all the creative touches – the melting and the gore and the peep-riders, and the penne fortress. Had so much fun investigating each photo in detail.

    I am totally bringing in some gummibears soaked in water and in saltwater to demonstrate osmosis to my students. :)

  4. Never pick a fight with a bear with a sword :)

  5. so very delightful. :^D

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