Novel Progress

3338 / 100000

April 1st – April 5th

Wordcount: 3338

This week’s word count is all on Chapter 1, which I am still tinkering with. The total wordcount is a bit deceptive, because I abandoned a couple partial drafts of Chapter 1, and haven’t counted those towards the total. I’m still working out details about the characters/setting/plot as I go, so I’m okay with the low wordcount. Hopefully things will eventually click into place and I can pick up the pace.

Badges Earned:

For sitting down and cranking out 500 words when I didn’t feel like it.

For writing 1000 words after consuming a cheeseburger-equivalent.


  1. mmm, tasty meatloaf-sandwich-power…..

  2. Go you!

    I certainly found the whole ‘progress bar’ thing helpful with my first draft. I look forward to future installments!

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