Paper Umbrellas

My original plan for this weekend was to go out to west Texas and see the observatory (Peter’s been out working at the telescope there), but I caught a bit of a cold, so I ended up being home instead. To amuse myself, I took a series of photos of paper umbrellas, which I think came out pretty nice:

Umbrella Rainbow

There are several other shots on flickr, including a few featuring gummy bears:

Gummy Stays Dry

Stay tuned later today for a post about making apple upside-down cake…


  1. Those photos are great!

    What surface is the row of umbrellas on? The floor just seems to melt seamlessly into the wall/background.

  2. Mm, I love me some umbrellas. (did you know I have a bit of an umbrella fetish?) I especially love the globe version.

    I have a set of slightly, more elaborate paper umbrellas if you ever want to play with them.

  3. Oooh! Love the multi-umbrella pic!

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