Back in Austin

It’s strange to be alone at my computer after spending so much time with friends this past weekend. It was so wonderful to meet people I’d only known online before, and reconnect with people I haven’t seen in way too long. An official Worldcon report will come later, but for now I’ve posted some pictures (mainly of me with my Clarion West classmates — worldcon was a bit of a reunion for us):


  1. I enjoyed catching up with you!

    May I ask a question? I’ve been looking at lots of writer websites, and yours and Tina Connolly’s are very eye-catching. Did you build your site from scratch in terms of the code? I can code html, but only know the basics. I’m looking to jazz things up, and wonder if people are using “skins”, coding their own, or paying someone to do it? Just curious…..

    Say hi to our mutual friend/future derby girl when you see her! (I don’t think I’m going to make ArmadilloCon — just too soon to travel again!)

    • I built my site from scratch, and Tina (who just revamped her site) does her own website as well. I think Tina is better with html coding than me — I use GoLive (it came with the Adobe CS2 package I got for photo editing), which has a nice interface that allows me to lay out the pages despite not knowing much html code.

      Sorry to hear you won’t make it up to ArmadilloCon, but it was great to see you in Denver!

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