Everything is bigger in Texas…

I know not everyone likes giant spiders, so I put the pictures behind the cut….



How is a Tarantula like a Slinky?



  1. Wow, that’s so incredibly awesome!! I love the foot for size reference in the first picture – to whom does it belong?

    • It really was pretty cool. The foot belongs to my husband, Peter (I was unwilling to stick any of my body parts that close to the tarantula).

      • Way to go, Peter!

        I think tarantulas are almost cute, what with the furriness. But, still, something a bit creepy about their massive size, so I applaud the foot’s bravery in making it into the frame!

        • PS – love the videoclip! How sedately it’s moving helps with the “cute” interpretation, I think! It’s not scuttling frantically or erratically, which is a bit more anxiety-promoting.

      • (I was unwilling to stick any of my body parts that close to the tarantula).

        That’s smart, Caroline. I went to camp as a kid in Kerrville, about 100 miles west of you in the Hill Country. We had nature study and a college prof with the summer off supervised such things. One time he let a tarantula walk up his arm without fear. “They’ll never bite the surface they walk on,” he told us incredulous youth. But sticking your finger in from of one is a different matter. ;-)

        I enjoyed this! Thanks!

  2. He (or she) is kind of cute, actually. Very plushy!

  3. Who doesn’t like giant spiders?

    And why not? What’s wrong with them?

  4. I’m terrified of giant spiders

    But I think they’re kind of cool.

  5. Used to see them all the time in those parts, though not so much lately, like the last couple decades.

  6. My nephew had one. He named if Fluffy, which I thought was hysterical. It died of heart failure when the family doberman sniffed it.

    The photos are totally cool.

  7. She’s gorgeous! (not that I want her near me)

  8. I loooove spiders. Thanks for sharing :D

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