Texas Cold

Lately everyone has been saying that a cold front has come through, and isn’t it nice to finally get some cold weather. In Texas, cold weather is when the high for the day is 85 degrees. (Which, granted, is much cooler than the 105 degree heat we had for much of the summer.) Being from the Pacific Northwest, I thought today would be a lovely day to go swimming, so I went to Barton Springs:

Barton Springs

Barton Springs is a beautiful freshwater pool that is several swimming-pool lengths long. It tends to be relatively crowded in the summer, even mid-morning on a weekday. Today, however, there were about half a dozen other people there. Because it was so cold.

Conclusion: I like cold.


  1. Yeah, I had to wear a sweater to work this morning. When it drops below 80 I have to turn on the heater in my car.

  2. Nice pic; I love the trees at Barton Springs.

    It’s only 65 degrees out right now; that’s coolish, right?

    I will admit to not being able to swim in the springs unless it’s at least 90 degrees out.

  3. There will be people there who swim every day, even in February. You know this, right?

    When I was a kid, Barton Springs was famous for being the pool where you could see topless ladies. Hell, it was the 70s.

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