Not Many Posts Lately

Warning: This post was written for the express purpose of me venting.

I have this incredibly frustrating cycle where almost every time I have a sustained productive period with my writing, the extra computer time puts too much strain on my wrists. I managed to explode them again on Monday, so rather than getting work done on the three revisions I have going, or on the new story ideas I have floating around, I have been going to a series of doctor appointments and trying to rest my wrists. GRRR.

So I haven’t been blogging much lately, and will probably be doing only minimal blogging for a while to save my wrists for writing. But if I had been blogging over the past week, it might have looked something like:

– Boo exploding wrists!
– Yay Obama!
– Boo for passing Prop 8!
– Yay live puppy cam!


  1. Errgh, that’s phooey. I’m so sorry about your wrists. Wah and dammit. And phooey. I demand a good answer for your wrists and one for my fingers so we can write pain free.

    (those puppies are a big pile of sleepy)

  2. Sorry about your wrists — i used to have serious problems when i was a data entry slave. Take care of them as best you can and be patient with your healing process.

  3. Sorry to hear that. Wrist problems suck.

  4. Sad!

    I hope your wrists feel better, er, quicker than you expect. (Actually I hope the pain realizes that there are better ways to spend its time than attacking Caroline and goes off in a search for deeper meaning! But the other one is the practical one.)

    Thank you for the live puppy cam. Makes me feel better about the world that passed Prop 8.

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