Squash! Now in soup form!

Squash Soup

I roasted up some of the squash from yesterday’s photo session and made squash soup. There is a reason most squash soup recipes call for butternut squash. Winter squashes are all hard to hack up into manageable sized bits, but at least a butternut squash has a fair amount of edible flesh inside. Dumpling squashes, while cute and pretty, have a much higher work-to-flesh ratio. There’s hardly any squash in there at all once you get the seeds out! (The dumpling squash does taste good, so the soup came out fine — it was just more work for less soup.)

Anyway, I hacked up the squash (I cheated by microwaving it a bit to soften it up), then tossed it with olive oil, salt & pepper, and sage, and roasted it at 400 degrees until the edges turned nice and brown. Combined the roasted squash with a carrot (mainly for color, since dumpling squash are yellower than butternut), some sauteed onion, chicken broth, and assorted spices. After a quick twirl in the blender and a sprinkling of roasted pumpkin seeds, the result is — lunch!


  1. It looks delicious and so suits the season. Pre-roasting veggies for soup always brings out a yummy flavor. Sometimes I just roast big pans of veggies to use for all sorts of things, soups, omelettes, side dishes, sandwiches, ratouille, and more.

    I miss having lunch at your place–it was so comfortable, delicious and just lovely. Oh and the company most excellent as well.

  2. Oh that looks so very very good.

    I’d love to join Shelly at your place for a bowl of it. Alas. That would be difficult since Shelly is so far away.

  3. Yumola.

    Say — do I recognize that squash from the previous post?

    • Yes! Two of the squashes from the previous post went into the soup, and this one I saved as ‘garnish.’ (The squash in this picture went into the next batch of soup, which is living in my freezer in lovely single-serving blocks.)

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