Cranberry-Orange Bread

Cranberry-Orange Bread

I snagged a recipe for cranberry-orange bread from tinaconnolly,* and decided to attempt it this morning, so that I can bring some to brunch tomorrow. I’d have made it tomorrow except that (1) I won’t have time tomorrow, and (2) this gives me time to come up with something else if for some reason the cranberry bread doesn’t come out.

So far, I have determined that it *smells* like delicious bread, and it *looks* like delicious bread. I am now waiting for it to cool to make sure it tastes okay. After all, there are only three of us for brunch, so we don’t need a whole loaf…right? And quality control is important!

Cranberry Bread

UPDATE: The bread is a teensy bit more tart than I like, but once I slather it with maple pecan butter, it is delicious.

* The original recipe called for raisins (which I didn’t have on hand), and pecans, which I had but omitted since I planned to combine the bread with maple pecan butter.


  1. Good lord, your food photography belongs in the most professional of professional publications. Your photos make me hungry, and I’m not even that into food!

  2. You always blog the best food! Lordy…

  3. there are only three of us for brunch

    Possibly four if Camille decides to join us, but I have no doubt there will still be way more than enough.

    Maple pecan butter…..drool….

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