Christmas Food Pictures!

Chocolate Dipped Orange Peel

I’ve snagged an invitation to have Christmas dinner with Maureen, and am using it as an excuse to make my first ever attempt at homemade candy. (After all, I’ve only eaten dozens and dozens of cookies…obviously what I need is more sugar!) Candy is tricky, but I think it went pretty well.

I made the candied orange peel yesterday:

Candied Orange Peel

It came out okay. I ate a few test pieces, and Peter had a couple. I’m not sure I boiled it in the sugar syrup quite long enough — I think the strips were supposed to turn more translucent. (But all the liquid in the syrup had evaporated by the end, so I decided it would be best to pull the strips out before I destroyed them.)

But what really MADE the candied orange peels was the chocolate.

Homemade Candy!

I dipped them in some nice bittersweet chocolate this morning, and now I am trying really really hard not to eat them all before heading over to Maureen’s tonight.


  1. That all looks scrumptious! Glenn used to make the most amazing candied grapefruit peels; we’d save the peels in the freezer for weeks and weeks until we had enough peels and he had enough time. We kept the finished candy in the freezer, too; it lasted for months that way.

    Merry Christmas. Give our regards to Maureen and to , who was in Glenn’s CW class in 1995.

  2. I’m not a fan of the candied orange peel that you can buy in candy stores so I was all prepared to be polite and say I liked it.

    OMG. It was fabulous. I ate a bunch.

    • Hee. Never ever feel obligated to pretend to like a food item, I won’t be a bit offended if something or other isn’t your cup of tea. (After all, if I think you like something, I might end up making it again!)

      But I’m glad mine were better than the candy store variety :)

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