Shortbread Cookies

I’m in Olympia this week, visiting family, and tinaconnolly came to visit me. We made shortbread cookies:

Shortbread Cookie

The cookies have rosemary and thyme in them. We got the recipe from a post on Maureen’s blog. The recipe says to press the cookies into flat rounds on a baking sheet, but ours were kind of crumbly so we pressed them into a square pan instead. After making the recipe version, we tried a couple variations:

Shortbread Cookies

The cookie on the bottom right is a lemon shortbread, and the one on the top left is a rosemary-lemon cookie. Even baked and cooled, all the cookies had a tendancy to break/crumble, but they were really tasty!


  1. I had two for breakfast.

  2. Thanks :) They were fun to make!

  3. mmm, lemon shortbread. drool.

    also, yay for skiing and vacation and you are missed.

  4. After an official tasting, I pronounce these quite yummy. (Brad was weirded out by the rosemary, which was good because it meant more for me.)

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