ProTour Freestyle Motocross at the Rodeo

Mid-air Antics

Peter and I went to the Star of Texas Fair & Rodeo yesterday. One of the shows they had going on outside the rodeo arena was a freestyle motocross show where two guys on motorcycles launched themselves off a ramp and did a variety of tricks mid-air. Since it was a nice bright sunny day, the shots came out pretty crisp (despite the fact these guys were moving fast). A bunch of other shots are on flickr.

Also in the set are a few photos from the rodeo, but the lighting in the arena was mostly terrible, so I gave up on trying to get any shots of riding bulls or roping calves. The rodeo was fun, though. I tend to root for the animals rather than the cowboys, and last night the bulls definitely won: All the bulls managed to buck their cowboy off before the 8 seconds was up. Go bulls, go!


  1. Fabulous photograph Caroline. That’s a pro image. Well done.

  2. Wowsa. That’s some picture, you!

  3. That’s a fantastic shot.

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