Free Fiction!

Issue 17/18 of Electric Velocipede will be available in print soon, but in the meantime John Klima has made a selection of stories from the issue available to read for free online:

* The Bear Dresser’s Secret by Richard Bowes
* Enmity by K. Tempest Bradford
* The Spaces Between Things by Matthew Kressel
* Setting My Spider Free by Caroline M. Yoachim

Here’s a brief excerpt from my story:

Cool air swirled in through the window and carried with it the faint tapping of claws scratching against stone. A spiderling was climbing my tower.

Lilymiya stirred. She’d spent the daylight hours in her corner with all her legs fanned out across the floor, trying to ward off the summer heat. My poor spider. Her fur, so thick and comforting in the winter, was patchy and ragged. Clumps of it gathered along the base of the walls, and thick strands clung to the grimy sweat on my skin.

In addition to the stories posted online, there are lots of other great stories in the print issue — so if you liked the free sample, head over to the Night Shade Books Electric Velocipede page and subscribe.


  1. Spiders, as you may know, scare the heck out of me.

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