Spent some time this morning cleaning up after yesterday’s flooding. We found a frog hanging out in our garage puddles. Poor frog didn’t seem too pleased that we were squeegeeing all the water out with an old mop. Eventually (after some gentle prodding with aforementioned mop) we encouraged him to head outside, and find a more natural puddle somewhere.

Now the sandbags are all stacked up in case we need them again later, most of the standing water is out of the garage, and things are generally back to a normal state of being.


  1. Good picture! I do believe that is a fine specimen of Texas Toad you have there. He’s probably more perturbed by the water in his hunting grounds than he was by the mopping. They eat a tremendous amount of bugs. If you leave a broken flower pot out in the yard so he had a coolish dark place to hide he’ll work for you too.

  2. Nice markings, too! ;o)

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