Story at Fantasy Magazine!

My story, “Tending the Mori Birds,” is now online at Fantasy Magazine.


A Mori bird waited for him on the railing, its claws wrapped around the wood. The dying light accentuated the patch of red feathers at the base of its slender neck, the only color on an otherwise black bird. A bloody-throated Mori bird, harbinger of death.

I wrote this story while attending the Clarion West Writers Workshop back in 2006, and it is the very first story I ever sold. Due to an assortment of unforseen circumstances the story is not my first publication (it’s my sixth!!), but I’m quite pleased that it is finally available for people to read :)


  1. Yay! Congratulations :)

  2. Cool! Congrats, Caroline!

  3. Just read the story Caroline. Terrific. I like the sensuality of this piece. It’s rich in colors and tastes. Of course death birds smell like licorice…black licorice.
    Congratulations and great job!

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