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Blue Watch Necklace

I was feeling artsy and or crafty the other day, and decided I would try my hand at making some beaded jewelry. One of the things I tried was something vaguely steampunky — disassembling watches and reassembling them so that the mechanism shows. Sadly, many newer watches (particularly on the lower end of the price range) do not have the lovely metal gears that older watches have; but I think the end result was still pretty interesting.

Shots of some of my other projects are here.


  1. fun! Actually, I was looking at one of the bulk-order catalogs at the store recently, and you could order little tins of nothing but random watch parts.

  2. Gee, I’m glad I didn’t look at lj earlier today! :)

  3. I love the watch jewelry! It’s definitely the sort of thing I would wear.

  4. I have a pile of gears sitting around that I’ve been meaning to make into steampunk jewelry for months. There’s a huge market for it here – come to SteamCon at the end of the month and you could totally sell your stuff. Though I suppose you are not really in traveling shape now, huh.

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