Part of a healthy diet?

Bread Pudding

Vanilla-almond bread pudding topped with slivered almonds, raspberry sauce and vanilla ice cream. A good source of . . .um. . .calcium.


  1. Fresh fruit is also good for you. And nuts.

    (Why, oh why, did I have to be in Austin during the window of time when you weren’t cooking! Life is so unfair.)

  2. Calcium, protein, fruit–for a pregnant woman I think this is just fine. And it looks delicious. I love me some raspberries buy Vanila-almond bread pudding & raspberries sounds delicious.

  3. Calcium is very important.

  4. I agree with everyone else- the fruit and almonds obviously add to the healthiness of the dish :)

    And calcium is good! Calcium makes strong baby bones! (I keep telling myself that whenever I eat a lot of ice cream lately, too)


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