“The Little Mermaid of Innsmouth” at Drabblecast

My first ever commissioned story is a mash-up of The Little Mermaid and Lovecraft’s Shadow Over Innsmouth, told from the perspective of a Japanese fish-frog girl.  You can listen (or read) “The Little Mermaid of Innsmouth” over at The Drabblecast:


To go with the story, I wrote a Lovecraftian parody of “Part of Your World,” from Disney’s version of The Little Mermaid. There’s a version of it at the end of the Drabblecast episode linked above, but I did a somewhat cleaner recording of me singing the song, which you can listen to here:

Here are the lyrics:

Look at my hands; look at my feet.
Soon they’ll be webbed, my transformation complete.
No one will think I’m a girl,
once all my hair falls out.

Down in R’lyeh, deep in the sea,
Cthulhu will wake soon, but when will it be?
I want to be more than a girl,
when all the stars align.

I’ll have golden tiaras aplenty,
I’ll have fish gills, and scales on my skin.
Human sacrifices? I’ll do twenty,
and if that’s, not enough,
I’ll kill more.

I want to know what the Order knows,
Ask them my questions
And get some answers.

Who is Dagon, and how can he
help me transform?

Living in Innsmouth won’t get me far,
Fins are required for swimming deeper,
To the cities where elder gods
What’s the word?

Somehow thoughts ooze, into my mind,
Cthulhu has plans to enslave humankind
Once he is free
Then he will be
Our Overlord.

What kind of chant, or gibbering rant,
will make me a deep one?
Oh how I pray, to spend my days,
in Y’ha-nthlei

Betcha down there, they wouldn’t care,
that I’m not some pale-skinned European.
They won’t mistreat me,
for being foreign,
if I serve them well.

I’m ready to go where the deep ones are.
Ready to bear them some fish-frog children.
Prove my devotion, and reap
the eternal rewards.

I don’t know why
and I don’t know how
But my transformation is starting right now

Ph’nglui mglw’nafh
Cthulhu R’lyeh
wgah’nagl fhtagn


  1. This is the best thing ever.


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