Time Travel Love Story Double Feature


I have an original story out today at Lightspeed Magazine, a time travel love story called “Rock, Paper, Scissors, Love, Death.”  You can read it for free at: http://www.lightspeedmagazine.com/fiction/rock-paper-scissors-love-death/


In an odd coincidence, my OTHER time travel love story “Beneath the Willow Branches, Beyond the Reach of Time” is out as a (reprint) podcast at StarShipSofa today:  http://www.starshipsofa.com/blog/2015/11/17/starshipsofa-no-411-caroline-m-yoachim-and-tricia-glock/

Katherine Inskip does a lovely reading of the story.  This story is an older one of mine (I originally wrote it at the Clarion West Writer’s Workshop, nearly ten years ago), and I hadn’t read it for a while.  It was interesting for me to compare what I thought constituted a good time travel romance then, as compared to now.  I do still love this story, but I feel like I’ve grown both as a person and as a writer in the intervening years.

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