MidAmeriCon II wrap-up post

I had the most amazing of all possible Worldcons. This will be a somewhat scattered post, because there is so much going on at Worldcon that it felt like I was constantly jumping from one thing to the next, and everything has merged into a chaotic jumble in my mind.

Programming-wise, I was on two shared readings, two autographing sessions, and three panels. One of my panels had Larry Niven as a fellow panelist! At one of my readings, I read “Mother Ship” and made a member of the audience cry.

Tina Connolly and I launched our collections! We had a friendly competition to see who could sell more copies at Worldcon…and ended in a tie: 53 copies each. Which for me was selling out–Patrick sold all the copies he brought PLUS the two author copies that I’d brought with me. I signed nearly all of the copies he sold, and managed to do so without hurting my wrist (something I was worried about, b/c I have a repetitive stress injury).

I got to see old friends and make new friends. I met TONS of people that I previously only knew online. I went to Clarion West in 2006, so this year my class met up at Worldcon for a 10-year reunion. Twelve of us were there, which I believe is the highest number of us in one place since the workshop.

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