My Norwescon Schedule

I’ll be at Norwescon this weekend. Want to find me? Here’s my schedule:

Panel: Story Form, and the Pros and Cons of Each

Friday 10am – 11am – Cascade 7 & 8

Novel, flash, short story, novelette––narrative fiction comes in multiple forms. How do they differ, other than word count? How are they alike? Join our panel of writers as they discuss the benefits and constraints that each form brings to the table.


Friday 5:30pm-6pm – Cascade 2

“Dreams as Fragile as Glass.” A story of mothers and daughters, and sea glass, and dreams. Rated PG.

Panel: Hive Minds and the Unary Consciousness

Friday 6pm – 7pm – Cascade 9

The Insectoid race, where drones are mere extensions of the queen. The disembodied brain that unites all people into a single will, united in peace and order. The Gaia mind, bringing all life on the planet into a single organic whole. If we were ever to encounter a hive mind, would communication be possible? Might humanity someday achieve such a state, and would that be a good thing?

Autograph Session 1

Saturday 2pm – 3pm – Grand 2

Feel free to stop by and say hi, even if you don’t want anything signed!

Panel: How to Be an Author on the Internet

Saturday 6pm-7pm – Cascade 9

And how not to be. Navigating social media as a professional can be challenging, but it can also be a fun way to bring a human face to your brand—as long as you don’t come off like a spambot trying to sell your book. Our experts talk about common mistakes and pitfalls authors make on social media and how to avoid them, as well as best practices for utilizing social media, email, and blogs, and creative ways to help you connect with—not alienate—readers.

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