One of my pre-clarion goals is to touch up my trunk stories (“trunkies”) and get them out to markets. I think it’s a reasonable goal–there are about 7 weeks left before the workshop starts, and I have 4 trunk stories, most of which were retired after being submitted only to the Writers of the Future contest and/or the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. There are a lot of other markets out there, and I have to get into the habit of having stories make the rounds before I retire them!

In light of that goal, I sent a revised … Continue reading

This summer I will be spending six weeks at Clarion West, a workshop designed to help writers prepare for a professional career in speculative fiction. I’ve started this journal so that friends, family, and anyone with an interest in Clarion can read about my experience.

The workshop doesn’t start until mid-June, so until then my posts may be few and far between. . .