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This page has a full listing of my fiction publications by year.  If you’re looking for a place to start reading, check out the list of my favorites.  If you like to listen to your fiction, check out my podcasts page.


Shadow Station (Nature, April 2017)

Carnival Nine (Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Issue 225, May 2017)

Faceless Soldiers, Patchwork Ship (Forthcoming, Infinity Wars)

Dreams as Fragile as Glass (Forthcoming, Sum of Us)


We Will Wake Among the Gods, Among the Stars (with Tina Connolly; Analog, January/February 2016)

Welcome to the Medical Clinic at the Interplanetary Relay Station, Hours Since the Last Patient Death: 0 (Lightspeed, March 2016) – Nebula Finalist, 2017

You Are Not the Hero of This Story (Daily Science Fiction, March 31, 2016)

An Army of Bees (Fireside Magazine, Issue 33, May 2016)

The First Snow of Winter (Daily Science Fiction, May 10, 2016)

Chocolate Milkshake Number 314 (Lightspeed, PoC Destroy Science Fiction, June 2016)

The Words on My Skin (Uncanny Magazine, July/August 2016)

Love Out of Season (Fantastic Stories of the Imagination, July/August 2016)

Seven Wonders of a Once and Future World & Other Stories (August 2016, Fairwood Press)

Exquisite Corpse (Daily Science Fiction, August 23, 2016)


Ninety-Five Percent Safe (Asimov’s Science Fiction, January 2015)

Bread Babies (Daily Science Fiction, Jan 7, 2015)

A Million Oysters for Chiyoko (Daily Science Fiction, Jan 21, 2015)

Red Planet (Lightspeed, February 2015)

Temporary Friends (Escape Pod, Artemis Rising, February 2015)

Meat That Grows On Trees (Daily Science Fiction, Feb 4, 2015)

Coin Flips (with Tina Connolly; Daily Science Fiction, Feb 17, 2015)

Goat Milk Cheese, Three Trillion Miles From Earth (February 18, 2015, DSF)

Sugar Showpiece Universe (March 4, 2015, DSF)

Garbage Trucks of Discontent (March 18, 2015, DSF)

Everyone’s A Clown (Unlikely Story, April)

Goodbye, First Love (April 14, 2015, DSF)

Four Seasons in the Forest of Your Mind (May/June 2015, Fantasy & Science Fiction)

Dancing With Fire (May 25, 2015 DSF)

Seasons Set in Skin (July 9, 2015, Issue #177, Beneath Ceaseless Skies)

Seven Wonders of a Once and Future World (September 2015, Lightspeed)

The Little Mermaid of Innsmouth (September 2015, Drabblecast)

An Impromptu Guide to Finding Your Soulmate at a Party on the Last Night of the World (September 2015, Selfies From the End of the World)

Grass Girl (September 25, 2015, Daily Science Fiction)

Betty and the Squelchy Saurus (October 2015, Fireside)

Please Approve the Dissertation Research of Angtor (UFO4)

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Love, Death (November 2015, Lightspeed)

Birthday Child (December 14, 2015, DSF)


Beneath the Willow Branches, Beyond the Reach of Time (Interzone, Jan 2014)

One Last Night at the Carnival, Before the Stars Go Out (Flash Fiction Online, April 2014)

Current and Still (Daily Science Fiction, April 16, 2014)

Paperclips and Memories and Things That Won’t Be Missed (Apex, May 2014)

Green Fairies on a Starry Night (Kazka 713, June 2014)

Pieces of My Body (Daily Science Fiction, June 19, 2014)

Five Stages of Grief After the Alien Invasion (Clarkesworld #95, August 2014)

Do Not Count the Withered Ones (Daily Science Fiction, August 12, 2014)

Honeybee (Flash Fiction Online, September 2014)

Carla at the Off-Planet Tax Return Helpline (Unidentified Funny Objects 3, October 2014)


Harmonies of Time (Daily Science Fiction, Jan 1st 2013)

Ten Million Sheets of Paper, All in Black and White (Giganotosaurus, April 2013)

A Crown of Woven Nails (Daily Science Fiction, Aug 26th, 2013)

Elizabeth’s Pirate Army (Fireside Issue #8, December 2013)

The Carnival Was Eaten, All Except the Clown (Electric Velocipede Issue 27)


Mother Ship – Lightspeed, April 2012

After the Earthquake – Daily Science Fiction, July 12, 2012

Flash Bang Remember (with Tina Connolly) – Lightspeed, August 2012

Blue Sand – Daily Science Fiction, October 8, 2012

Philosophy of Ships – Interzone #243, Nov/Dec 2012

The Safe Road – Daily Science Fiction; November 21, 2012

Older Publications

Deathbed – Daily Science Fiction (July 18, 2011)

Shades of Orange – Daily Science Fiction (May 23, 2011)

The Sometimes Child – Fantasy Magazine (May 2010)

Blood Willows – Flash Fiction Online (March 2010)

Stone Wall Truth – Asimov’s Science Fiction (February 2010) – Nebula Finalist, 2011

What Happens In Vegas – Greatest Uncommon Denominator (Issue 6, 2010)

Pageant Girls – Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine (Issue 42, 2010)

Tending the Mori Birds – Fantasy Magazine (September 2009)

Firefly Igloo – Shimmer (Issue 10, 2009)

The Best Last Choice I Ever Made – Talebones (Issue #38, 2009)

Setting My Spider Free – Electric Velocipede (Issue #17/18)

The Land of Empty Shells – Beneath Ceaseless Skies (Issue #20)

Time to Say Goodnight – Fantasy Magazine (December 2007)


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