Write-a-thon Wrap-up

I’ve finished my write-a-thon goal of six chapters in six weeks. Yay! When I was setting my goal, a chapter a week felt like it might be too easy, almost like cheating. BUT I knew the end would be crazy with moving, and that this year was not the time for aggressive write-a-thon goals. Next year, I’ll set myself a bigger goal. Under the circumstances, a chapter per week (especially this last week), was plenty for this time around.

Chapter six: 3,300 words
Total words: 18,500 words

A big thank-you to all of my sponsors!! Clarion West definitely appreciates …

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Sub Away, Rejection, WaT final stretch

This week:
Submission #57 (to Strange Horizons, my 6th there)
Rejection #47 – 44 days, from Heliotrope. I’m a bit more disappointed about this one than usual, since the story was under consideration for a long-ish time for the market, and I had my hopes up. Oh well.

* * *

The end of chapter six is in sight, hopefully I can crank it out this morning, and then spend the bulk of the day finishing off the surprisingly large amount of packing that still remains. This week has been a rough one, WaT-wise, with all the pre-move …

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And a partridge in a pear tree…


1500 words
4 boxes packed
1 submission sent
and an email rejection from The Town Drunk.

So today we finally got started on packing. The problem with packing is not so much the actual packing of items into boxes (I like that part, it’s a bit like 3d tetris) but the sorting. Do we really want to move this book/stack of papers/thingamajiggit, or can we recycle/donate/etc it? Does this need to come with us on our drive, or does it go into boxes for the moving pods? *sigh* I do feel better that we’ve at least …

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5 down, 1 to go

My husband passed his dissertation defense yesterday (Yay Peter!!) and after much celebration and merriment yesterday, I settled back into writing today and finished off this week’s write-a-thon quota.

Wordcount for the WaT so far: 15,200 words

Chapter five wrapped up at just over 2,800 words, which means I’ve only got one chapter left to complete my Write-a-Thon goal of six chapters :)

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(Slightly delayed) WaT week 4 update

Well, after a bout of productivity early on in week 4, resulting in the completion of chapter 4, my novel-writing stalled out. I’m not to worried about it, as part of the delay was due to me wanting to revise and ship out the flash story I wrote last week. The first couple days of this week I’ve been more-or-less back on track, and I’m now about 1500 words into chapter 5. Which means I’ve got about a chapter and a half more to meet my goal.

Upcoming distractions: my husband defends his dissertation (tomorrow) and we’re moving (end of …

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Amaretto French Toast

I had leftover French bread from dinner the other day, and one of my favorite ways to use up leftover bread is to make baked French toast. I’m also trying to use up various liquors, so as to avoid having to move them to Texas. The result? Amaretto French toast. (I don’t have a recipe, but for one _large_ serving: cut bread into cubes, place into one lightly greased (big) ramekin (or multiple little ones). Mix a couple eggs, some milk, a shot of amaretto, a couple teaspoons of sugar, a …

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It is July. At the end of _this_ month, I move to Texas. (eep!)

Started in on Chapter 3 today, managed 1000 words, so a reasonably good start. And I think I have a pretty good idea what needs to happen in this chapter. Hopefully, this week will be the week that I start to get ahead on my chapter-per-week goal…maybe finish Chapter 3 in the next day or two, and then get at least half of Chapter 4 done too.

* * *

Submission #54 – to Town Drunk (my first sub there)


Rejection #45 – A lightning …

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