Year in Review: 2015


36 stories published:
23 originals
13 reprints

33 acceptances:
1 short story collection
14 original stories
17 reprints
1 non-fiction essay

13 new stories written (45k words*)

* I don’t track my daily wordcount, so my yearly wordcount is based only on finished stories. My actual wordcount is probably somewhat higher. But definitely not high enough. Generating more words is really something that I need to work on for next year.

Year in Review

2015 has been big for me in a lot of ways. I had 23 original stories out this …

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Stories in 2015

This has been kind of an amazing year for me, and I have 23 original stories out (8 short stories and 15 flash).  My favorite, if you’re looking for a place to start, is Seven Wonders of a Once and Future World.

The other story of mine that has been getting a lot of buzz (including a tweet from Wil Wheaton!) is Rock, Paper, Scissors, Love, Death.

Here’s the complete list:

Short Stories:
Ninety-Five Percent Safe (Jan 2015, Asimov’s)
Temporary Friends (Escape Pod, Artemis Rising, February 2015)
Four Seasons in the Forest of …

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Time Travel Love Story Double Feature


I have an original story out today at Lightspeed Magazine, a time travel love story called “Rock, Paper, Scissors, Love, Death.”  You can read it for free at:


In an odd coincidence, my OTHER time travel love story “Beneath the Willow Branches, Beyond the Reach of Time” is out as a (reprint) podcast at StarShipSofa today:

Katherine Inskip does a lovely reading of the story.  This story is an older one of mine (I originally wrote …

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The World Fantasy Award – Let’s Make it a Book!

So I’ve seen a lot of discussion about what the redesigned WFC Award ought to look like, and I figured I’d throw out my suggestion:  Let’s make it a book.

It could be an open book, with a different artist each year illustrating the pages (much like the hugo base is different each year).  It could be a closed book, simple and elegant, with information about the year and whatever else where the title would go.  It could be a bunch of books that twirl up in a precarious stack.

Because what writer wouldn’t love to go to WFC and …

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World Fantasy Convention 2015 Recap

This past weekend I was at WFC.  I had a lovely time, meeting many people I formerly only knew online and seeing lots of old friends.  (I would try to list everyone, except that I would inevitably miss someone.)

I also gave a reading, which was well attended despite being in the earliest time slot on the schedule.  I read two stories (“Four Seasons in the Forest of Your Mind from the May/June F&SF, and “Please Approve the Dissertation Research of Angtor” from Unidentified Funny Objects 4).  I also got it into my head that I would sing the Lovecraft …

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Come Find Me at World Fantasy Con!

Here is my schedule for World Fantasy:

Friday 8:30pm Autographing Session in City Center 2A and 2B

Starts at 8:30pm (open to signers at 8:oopm).  Bring me things and I will sign them!  I will also bring a few print magazines to give away to people who stop by and chat with me.

Saturday 10am Reading in Broadway 1

Yes, I have the very first time slot (10 am!) on Saturday for my reading.  I’m hoping people will be awake!  I will have chocolate to give away.  At minimum a dark chocolate and a milk chocolate.  Possibly several kinds of …

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“Betty and the Squelchy Saurus” at Fireside Magazine

My story “Betty and the Squelchy Saurus” is out today at Fireside Magazine, with a beautiful illustration by Galen Dara.  Excerpt:

Betty was hanging wet towels on the clothesline when a faded blue Plymouth Roadking came up the drive. Someone had donated the car to the Six Sisters orphanage back in 1952, and Sister Mary Margaret was the only nun who knew how to drive it.

A new girl got out of the car — maybe five years old, with brown hair and lots of freckles. Skittish little thing, probably terrified of monsters. …

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